Be Boldly Unforgettable.

Boring is passed by; falling through the cracks, forgotten. Bold lingers, creating an impression. This impression is dictated by experience: shape, light, curvature, location—these small considerations yield an impact that people can't look away from. Because experience and memory go hand and hand, your brand becomes an extension of said experience, leaving you — remembered.

Matrix Frame USA elevates interiors, sells experience, and reframes environments. We specialize in trade shows, retail spaces, arenas, museums, corporate environments, higher education spaces, and home décor. No matter the market, no matter the space — Matrix Frame USA stands out.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are the epitome of BOLD. They exist for the sole purpose of standing out. With Matrix Frame USA's state-of-the-art frames and accessories, your "booth" no longer exists. Instead, people enter your brand, and experience the endless possibilities of what you have to offer.


Retail is an opportunity. When you sell experience over products, people remember your brand, connect with it, and continue to buy. Be bold — because people don't buy boring. Whether clothing, makeup, furniture, etc. — Matrix Frame USA reframes your environment and shifts expected toward unexpected so you can STAND OUT.


It's a game — people come to be wowed. In a space where "competitive" is a lifestyle, you need to stand out. Matrix Frame USA accepts that challenge. As Silicon Edge Graphic (SEG) pioneers, we lead with bold; reframing your environment with high quality materials so you can sell a winning experience.


Museums are the definition of "reframing your environment." Exhibitions are complex — showcasing multiple characteristics that dictate the visualization of story. With Matrix Frame USA's unique and transformative frames and accessories, "BOLD" gives goosebumps, and sets the stage for an experience that people come back to.

Corporate Environments

"Corporate" doesn't have to mean "stuffy." Corporate environments are an opportunity to showcase your brand and its values. When you transform your environment, you transform your brand. With Matrix Frame USA you can make a bold statement on your blank canvas — confidence stands out.

Higher Ed

Whoever said education is boring hasn’t experienced Matrix Frame USA. Everyone can envision a handful of ancient college signage that looks like its sole purpose is to deter students from actually attending. More than any other, the Higher Education market is an excellent example of connecting to experience.

Home Décor

Blank walls are boring — so we decorate them. But what do we decorate with? Experience. You pick imagery that connects with you, transforms your space, and extends your experience. Rainforest in the Sahara? Done. Matrix Frame USA takes you out of your home, and into the art piece — truly reframing your environment.

Because elevating experience is our specialty, we figure the rest of our story is better told face to face. Get ahead of today and STAND OUT.

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